This page contains a list of rules and regulations pertaining to the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, and proposals to adopt, amend, or repeal these rules.

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A new rule and amendments to the department’s Administrative Code Rules 795-1-1-.12 through -.17, Organization and Administration.
The proposed new rule reflects the department’s use of electronic records and signatures as allowed under state law. The amendments re-number rules in the chapter as needed after the addition of the new rule.
NOTICE OF INTENT 795-1-1.031821.pdf

Amendments to the SAIL Administrative Code Rules 795-9-1-.01 through -.07.
The proposed rule changes reflect the SAIL program changing the former Independent Living Service to the current Community Support Services. The change in the program name and services provided in the program are required by changes in federal funding.
NOTICE OF INTENT 795-9-1.031821.pdf

Amendments to Rules 795-1-1-.04, 795-1-1-.17, and 795-2-1-.01
The proposed amendment changes references from Independent Living Services to Community Support Services.
NOTICE OF INTENT 795-2-1.031821.pdf

Full text of these administrative code chapters can be downloaded from the section below.

The rule changes were proposed by the ADRS Board on March 4, 2021. Public comments and written requests to orally address the Board concerning the rule changes should be submitted by June 15, 2021 via email.


This chapter outlines the mission and purpose of ADRS, its policies, how it is organized and managed, how it ensures transparency and accountability, and how its board of directors are organized to ensure efficient oversight and guidance.
795-1-1 New Chapter.pdf

This chapter outlines the minimum procedural safeguards and rules that govern the provision of services within ADRS programs including CRS, VRS, the Hemophilia Program, Homebound Services and Community Support Services.

This chapter outlines the general information, definitions, eligibility policies, application procedures, and oversight and accountability measures.
795-9-1 New Chapter.pdf


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