Transition Service

Vocational Rehabilitation Service (VRS) places substantial emphasis on assisting youth with disabilities in the transition from school to post school activities.  Transition services are a coordinated set of activities that lead to employment. A vocational rehabilitation counselor works with youth and their families to assess their needs and plan individualized services to meet their chosen vocational goal.  Every public high school in Alabama has a vocational rehabilitation counselor assigned to provide transition services.


  • Assistive technology/accommodations  to enable students to participate in post-high school training or employment.
  • Career exploration  may include investigating occupational interest areas through real or simulated job experiences job shadowing.
  • College preparation – training to enter into post-secondary education, including learning study skills, using accommodations, and managing college life.
  • Financial assistance – for college training, work-related equipment, and other needs based on family financial resources.
  • Job coaching – services on the job to learn the essential functions of the job and retaining employment
  • Job placement and retention – to assist with obtaining and maintaining employment.
  • Job readiness training – to prepare for seeking employment, preparing for interviews, and completing applications.
  • Personal work adjustment – services designed to assist with teaching and training appropriate work habits and job skills.
  • Post-employment services – short-term services provided after employment related to your vocational goal.
  • Social skills training – assist students with learning appropriate behaviors on the job and in the community.
  • Vocational guidance and counseling – provided throughout the process to assist students and families make informed decisions regarding employment.
  • Vocational needs assessments – measures an individual's strengths and limitations, consider interests and abilities, and provide the individual with information that can be used in vocational planning for the future.
  • Other rehabilitation services based on individual need.

Specialized Transition Programs

  • Alabama Governor's Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) –  an innovative, intensive, five-day career leadership training program for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities throughout Alabama.
  • Disability Mentoring Day – Students with disabilities (mentees) are matched with workplace mentors according to expressed career interests. This event is handled locally in a variety of ways. Contact your local VRS office.
  • Learning Disabilities Project
  • Project Search – a unique, business-led, one-year, school-to-work program that takes place entirely at the workplace. Contact Tina Dortch at the 1-800-441-7607. 
  • Prison Transition Initiative – a collaboration with the Special Education Division of the Alabama Department of Education and the Department of Corrections serving youth with disabilities who are incarcerated in adult prisons.
  • School-based Jointly Funded Job Coaches – a collaboration between VRS and participating local school systems to provide job coaching, readiness, and placement in their schools for VRS consumers.
  • Summer Employment Program - comprehensive, job-oriented curricula and work activities for transition developed by participating community rehabilitation programs (CRPs).
  • Supported Employment – provides community-based assessments, job development, job coaching and extended support to meet the employment needs of individuals with the most- significant disabilities.
  • Teen Transition Clinic – a team clinic for youth with special health care needs from ages 12-21 who are eligible for Children's Rehabilitation Service and are beginning to plan for transition to adulthood. This clinic is a partnership among CRS, Vocational Rehabilitation Service (VRS), the State of Alabama Independent Living (SAIL) Service, and other community providers.
  • Transition Day for students who are visually impaired and their families. These are local events throughout the state designed to prepare students and family members for transition. Contact Debbie Culver at 1-800-441-7607 for more information.

Document and Resource Library

Transition Resource Network

For more information about transition services, contact Karen Jenkins at 1-800-441-7607 or (TTY) 800-499-1816.