Supported Employment: Working for People with Significant Disabilities

Supported employment (SE) is a customer-driven approach that assesses individuals with the most-significant disabilities and assists eligible individuals in obtaining competitive, integrated employment.

The program is offered by Vocational Rehabilitation Service (VRS), a division of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS), in collaboration with several partners throughout the state.  SE uses Milestones to Employment (MTE) in connecting employers with valuable employees who care about their job.  

MTE involves up to four milestone steps:

Milestone 1 – Situational assessment and/or discovery

Milestone 2 – Job search/job placement

Milestone 3 – Job coaching

Milestone 4 – Long-term follow-up

For more information on Milestones, click here.

To apply for SE services, please contact your local VR office and schedule an appointment.  A VR counselor can assist in determining if supported employment is appropriate for you. 

For additional information about SE services in Alabama, contact Tina Dortch, Micah Williamson, or Jennifer Hicks


  • Supported Employment brochure – a program for individuals with the most-significant disabilities
  • Project SEARCH brochure – a program for high school transition students
  • IPS Supported Employment – an evidence-based employment program for individuals with serious mental illness
  • Connections – a program primarily for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) aimed at enhancing employment outcomes through social skills training with community integration


  • ACDD Video"I Can," a Project Search video
  • AL-APSE   (Alabama Association of People Supporting Employment First)
  • Project SEARCH – a transition program for students with the most-significant disabilities
  • Project GATE (gaining access to employment) – a collaboration between the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Alabama Department of Mental Health

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