OASIS: Independent living services for older Alabamians who are blind or have vision loss

Image of vision rehabilitation therapist working with a senior.

The Older Alabamians System of Information and Services program, known as OASIS, is a federally funded program designed to assist individuals age 55 and older who are blind or visually impaired in living more independently in their homes and communities. OASIS offers older Alabamians: 

In FY 2016, OASIS provided assistance to 1,024 older Alabamians with vision problems, helping them to maintain their independence. These services were provided through a network of vision rehabilitation therapists and orientation-and-mobility specialists located throughout Alabama.

In 2010, OASIS partnered with the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind to start Camp SAVI, a week-long program for OASIS consumers and their loved ones. The camp provides participants with helpful information, instruction on independent living techniques, and inspiration on how to adapt to living with vision loss. Visit the Camp SAVI page for more information.  

OASIS also develops local support groups to encourage older adults who are losing their vision to share information and support others who are adjusting to vision loss.

For more information on OASIS, call 1-800-441-7607 (or TTY 1-800-499-1816) or contact Matthew Haynes.

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Below are brief videos of OASIS consumers Kathryn Funderburg and Marsha Mankiller sharing what OASIS has done to help them achieve independence.