Commissioner's Office Careers


The Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services is appointed by the Alabama Board of Rehabilitation Services and oversees and directs all programs, services, and matters involving the department, including budgeting and hiring.

The Commissioner’s Office includes the department’s Legal Office, the Office of Communications and Information, Office of Internal Audit, the Business Intelligence Program, and the Rehabilitation Technology Program.


For information about specific job classifications, visit the State Personnel website

Office of Communications and Information

  • Governmental Relations Manager
  • Public Information Manager
  • Public Information Specialist

Rehabilitation Technology

  • Rehabilitation Technology Assistant
  • Rehabilitation Technology Specialist I
  • Rehabilitation Technology Specialist II
  • Rehabilitation Technology Specialist III

Business Intelligence

  • Rehabilitation Specialist II
  • Rehabilitation Specialist III


  • Accountant
  • Staff Accountant


  • Administrative Assistant I
  • Administrative Assistant II
  • Administrative Assistant III

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart